A music video for the title track of Wednesday 13‘s upcoming full-length Condolences is now streaming online. Wednesday 13 said of it:

“We weren’t trying to do a really long, Iron Maiden-type of song—it just came out that way. It wasn’t forced and I think it’s awesome! It’s one of the first songs I wrote for the record. The title ‘Condolences’ came from when David Bowie passed away; I kept seeing ‘Condolences, sorry for your loss.’ I realized how powerful that word was, so I picked my guitar up and started writing the riff for it; I had the chorus instantly.

We shortened the song for the video—we cut two minutes off of it. But it’s still a really, really dark song. And I think we captured that vibe in the video. It’s definitely the strangest thing I’ve ever done—I filmed my fake funeral. I had all my friends there, putting flowers on a casket; it was really weird! I had a wreath that said, ‘In Memory of Wednesday 13.’

I’m the priest in it, doing my eulogy, and I’m also inside the casket, like I’m being buried alive. When we filmed the video, the director, Matt Zane, said, ‘This reminds me of Twisted Sister‘Burn In Hell‘ or ‘Captain Howdy’. And I was like, ‘Holy shit, it does! I didn’t even realize it.”

The record is out now through Nuclear Blast and available for purchase at this location.

Previously released video off Condolences includes those for the tracks “Cruel To You” and “Blood Sick”.