This post is just to clear up the lack of posting that went on this past week. Just thought I owed an explanation to everyone that follows this blog. I recently started a job teaching at a middle school and this week was the first week of school. It is way more work than I had anticipated and didn’t leave me much time to work on the site. I’m still getting in the rhythm of a “real” job and running the page.

Also, in the past few week I got married. During the time I was away for the wedding my free time was used to work on posts rather than pictures. This explains the delay in the pictures from MayhemFest and Summer’s Last Stand. So that’s why there have been no new galleries from Warped Tour. Pictures from this year’s Mayhem Festival and Summer’s Last Stand will also be in the works and up as soon as possible.

This website means a ton to me and I intend to continue it in whatever capacity I can for as long as I can. Just thought I’d give everyone an update on what’s been going on in recent weeks. I also wholeheartedly appreciate anyone that comes here for their rock and metal news. This is certainly not the end of MetalNerd!

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