We Were Sharks sign with Victory Records; premiere video for “Beyond Repair”

Official press release:

Victory Records is proud to announce the addition of dynamic punk ensemble We Were Sharks to the label’s ever-growing roster. With the debut premiere of their brand new video “Beyond Repair”, the Canadian six-piece powerhouse hits the road tonight ready to douse crowds with material from their new album, Lost Touch, set for release on February 23, 2018.

Watch “Beyond Repair” now:

Guitarist Jason Mooney defines:

“Growing up, the bands that stuck with us the most were bands from Victory, and now we get to be part of that family. I remember picking up any Victory release and inside you’d find a Victory DVD with the latest music videos. There was no YouTube or Spotify back then, this was your key to what was new and upcoming. It’s an honor to know that we’re part of a team that has made a huge impact in the scene, and we hope that there’s a kid who finds us and feels as excited as we did when we found those bands.”

Straight out of the nation’s capital city Ottawa, We Were Sharks are set to continue wielding their full-force of punk and alternative music. Fronted by vocalist Randy Frobel, drummer Will Plummer and bassist Steve Creaturo, We Were Sharks is rounded out by the hat trick attack of guitarists Jason Mooney, Josh King and Colin Jacques.

On “Beyond Repair” vocalist Randy Frobel explains it is based on toxic relationships and the ugly reality it can produce:

“Sometimes we can be blind to the fact that there is a person that you are not meant to be with. You both try so hard to make it work, but sometimes you have to face reality and learn that you’re not meant to be together. That you’re more in love with the company than you are with the person.”

Pre-orders for the album are available in physical and digital formats, and include an instant download of “Beyond Repair”.

Lost Touch track listing:

1. “Beyond Repair”
2. “Drop The Act”
3. “Hotel Beds”
4. “Ashley”
5. “Stay”
6. “Late Bloomer”
(feat. Ollie Baxxter)
7. “Sober”
8. “Never Looked Better”
9. “July”
10. “Always You”