We Are PIGS, the brainchild of South African producer/songwriter/artist Esjay Jones, has released a video for a new song titled “Blood Diamond”. The track is a collaboration between the trap metal artist and eclectic producer/musician M.O.B. (Music Over Business). Jones says of the song:

‘Blood Diamond’ is a song for all those healing and evolving in their lives, as I myself am still doing. In many ways I think the track was subconsciously written by a little girl that is still yearning for acceptance and learning what love really is while overcoming trauma. The pain of dealing with a dysfunctional parental relationship has really made for great art over the years but has also led to my own struggles with eating disorders, sexuality, self-love, and anger issues, and I just want people who are going through the same to know they are not alone. ‘Blood Diamond’ is my way of burying this burden and hopefully helping others navigate these stormy waters.”

“Blood Diamond” is available for streaming via Apple and Spotify. Stay tuned for more original racks and collaborations from We Are PIGS.