Watch the final “The Making Of Thread Of Life” episode

Late last month, progressive instrumental metallers Etherius released the final installment of “The Making Of Thread Of Life video series. This final clip focuses on the tracking of guitars with Jay Tarantino and again features a cameo from co-producer Angel Vivaldi. Tarantino commented:

“The recording process was a great experience. We did so much of the work during pre-production that it made things much easier when we recorded the master tracks. Since we knew all of our parts worked well together, we didn’t have to stress over arrangements or whether someone’s note choices would work well within the song. It was just all about getting the absolute best takes we could. The only things that changed from pre-production were 75-80 percent of my leads. It was a great learning experience re-writing most of them as we were tracking. It allowed me the chance to work on my improvisational skills. And if something didn’t work, I’d try something else until I was happy.

The only guitar I used was my white Kiesel Aries 7 string that has been my main touring guitar for the last couple of years. I used a Martin acoustic for ‘Lament’ and a Kiesel thinline for the intro acoustic lead in Thread of Life. All solos were recorded direct with the Axe Fx and all rhythm guitars were recorded direct and re-amped with a Mesa Dual Recitifier and a 5150.”

Thread Of Life EP is out now and available for purchase at iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

[via Gear Gods]