Wars streaming new single “Grief, They Named It”

Band: Wars
Song: “Grief, They Named It”
Director: Matt Higgs
Album: A Hundred Shivers
Release Date: November 26th, 2021
Label: A Wolf At Your Door Records/Silva Screen Records

Frontman Rob Vicars said of the single:

‘Grief, They Named It’ is about reaching a point in your life where everything has changed, and where we’ll go next, we don’t know. We experience grief in so many different ways, it permeates our emotions whenever there’s significant change or loss, and this song talks about sort of submerging yourself in that and, eventually, coming out of the other side.
It’s a song we wrote what feels like a long, long time ago now, and to kick off Chapter Four of A Hundred Shivers with this, with its heavy shoulders but distant glints of hope, feels right. We’re super excited to get into this Chapter and are desperate to put these songs on a stage as soon as we can.”