Vouna issue trailer for upcoming debut LP

Official press release:

As the eponymous debut LP by synth-driven funeral doom outfit Vouna nears early November release through Artemisia Records – the label founded by the Weaver Brothers of Wolves In The Throne Room – a new trailer and pre-orders options for the album have been issued.

All music on Vouna was composed and all instruments performed by front-person and fellow native to the Pacific Northwest Yianna Bekris, previously of Vradiazei, Eigenlicht, and Sadhaka. The album was recorded entirely at Wolves In The Throne Room’s studio, Owl Lodge, which is located at the edge of an ancient forest in Olympia, Washington. Nathan Weaver of WITTR collaborated with Yianna to create the artwork, which mixes archaic Hellenic mythic images with Cascadian atmospheres.

See Vouna’s new trailer for the record below:

Vouna will see release on CD, LP, and digital platforms on November 9th. The album’s penultimate track “Drowning City” is streaming alongside digital pre-orders HERE, and physical pre-orders are available HERE.