Band: Vomit Forth
Song: “Predatory Saviour”
Album: Seething Malevolence
Release Date: July 8th, 2022
Label: Century Media Records

The band says of the single:

“This was the first song we wrote for Seething Malevolence. It actually used to be the title track, but it just didn’t feel right. It set the tone for the record. The purpose of the song is to convey to people that the world we live in is not safe. The people we think are here to keep us safe are just as flawed and corrupted as anyone else. People in religion, politics, or in any place of power really are there because there’s blood on their hands either literally or metaphorically. The very people we trust to keep us safe are the same ones ready to eat our corpses when they’re done with them.”


Seething Malevolence track listing:

  1. “Intro”
  2. “Eucharist Intact”
  3. “Pain Tolerance”
  4. “Tortured Sacrament”
  5. “Unrecognizable”
  6. “Seething Malevolence”
  7. “Severely Wounded”
  8. “Carnivorous Incantation”
  9. “I Feel Nothing”
  10. “Predatory Savior”
  11. “Pious Killing Floor”

Headlining tour dates:

8/08 – Toledo, OH – Ottawa
8/09 – Cincinnati, OH – Legend’s
8/10 – Memphis, TN – Hi Tone Café
8/11 – Little Rock, AR – Vino’s
8/12 – Houston, TX – Secret Group
8/13 – Dallas, TX – Wrecking Ball Metal Madness *
8/14 – Austin, TX – Valhalla
8/15 – New Orleans, LA – Banks St
8/16 – Birmingham, AL – Firehouse
8/17 – Pittsburgh, PA – Black Forge
8/18 – Albany, NY – Empire Underground

* = festival