Visitors release “Apoplexia” video

Band: Visitors
Song: “Apoplexia”
Album: Crest
Release Date: July 13th, 2018

The band issued the following of the song:

“Musically, this song brings together everything that makes our band what it worked towards since its inception: odd time signatures, multiple hooks, effect-laden guitar interplay, tap-driven bass lines, and an overall extreme dynamic structure that coalesces around vocal gymnastics.

On its own, ‘Apoplexia’ represents the divergence to inevitable conflict of the byproducts resulting from mania. Within the context of our concept records’ story, the song embodies a calamitous literal trail of missed messages and failed signals. This was an early track for us that was heavily inspired by a lot of the bands that we were playing and touring with at the time it was written.”


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