A full-album stream of tech death unit Virulent Depravity‘s new record Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree is now available; take it in below. The album is due in stores this Friday, April 7th through The Artisan Era. Pre-orders can be found at the label’s webshop and Bandcamp, and the group’s Bandcamp.

Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree track listing:

1. “Serpentine Messiah”
2. “Spineless Obedience”
3. “Your Demise”
4. “Desecrating Eden”
5. “Fruit Of The Poisoned Tree”
6. “Bad Drug”
7. “Beyond The Point Of No Return”
8. “Only Human”
9. “Mechanized Defilement”
10. “Crushed By Futuristic Filth”