Video stream: We Are Scientists – “Not Another Word”

Photo by: Ted Leather

Band: We Are Scientists
Song: “Not Another Word”
Album: Megaplex
Release Date: April 27th, 2018
Label: 100% Records

The band’s Keith Murray comments:

“It occurred to me that a good way of slipping out of unpleasant interactions might simply be to put on a good, danceable tune. Nobody likes to chat while they’re dancing, and, anyway, it’s hard to deliver an incisive counterpoint over a banging beat.

I like to think that this song might be an aid to anyone who finds themselves under conversational siege – rather than put up their defences and really get into an argument, they can take their debate partner’s hand, lure then onto the dance floor, and sing along, imploring them to simply drop the subject, together.”


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  • Megaplex track listing:

    1. “One In, One Out”
    2. “Notes In A Bottle”
    3. “Heart Is A Weapon”
    4. “Your Light Has Changed”
    5. “KIT”
    6. “No Wait at Five Leaves”
    7. “Not Another Word”
    8. “Now or Never”
    9. “You Failed”
    10. “Properties of Perception”