Video stream: The MON – “Her”

Photo by: FDFM

Band: The MON
Song: “Her”
Album: TBA
Release Date: July 20th, 2018 (single)
Label: Supernatural Cat Records

Project mastermind UrloUfomammut’s vocalist, bassist, and synth player – said of the song and video:

‘Her’ is one of the most memorable sonic explorations for me, and perhaps the most distant from what I do with Ufomammut. Even compared to the previous track ‘Relics’ which was more direct, ‘Her’ is essentially a folk song, which explores subtly smooth, unconventional melodies in a new way for me, it is also one of the more personal songs I’ve been working on for The MON’s full-length. The video by Lu captures the beauty of the music and retains an element of mystery behind the whole creative project. I’m looking forward to sharing another side to my musical personality with the next video.”


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