Video stream: Soen – “Covenant”

Band: Soen
Song: “Covenant”
Director: RISK and Maxi Muniz
Album: Lotus
Release Date: February 1st, 2019
Label: Silver Lining Music

Drummer Martin Lopez spoke of the new clip, offering:

“Sometimes we choose to believe that we live in a well-adjusted society, but often than not, the truth differs. There are secrets everywhere, concealed carefully behind closed doors. Secrets that hide your despair and feed on your hopelessness, mistreated and misled by the people that are supposed to protect you. ‘Covenant’ talks about one’s inner strength to fight back: it takes courage for one individual to take a stance, but it is necessary in order to survive. The true hero is not who’s called so by society’s standards, but the one that finds that inner strength and lead others by example.”