Video stream: Sawyer Path – “Blind”

Band: Sawyer Path
Song: “Blind”
Album: Toxic Temptation
Release Date: April 13th, 2018

Guitarist Alex Samson said of the group’s forthcoming album Toxic Temptation:

“It has a blend of heavy and melodic guitars combined with raw, emotional vocals that will have each song get stuck in your head. This album is about rising up, finding your way and letting go of all the toxic temptations holding you back.”

Regarding the track, he continues:

“It’s the third track off the upcoming album which comes out on April 13th. We gave everything we had for this album and this song represents very well the meaning behind the new record. The song is about a toxic relationship where someone is blinded by love and can’t get out of it.”

Toxic Temptation track listing:

1. “Reborn”
2. “Rise from the Ashes”
3. “Blind”
4. “Through the Lies”
5. “Every Little Thing”
6. “Crawl”
7. “Toxic Temptation”
8. “My Medication”
9. “Running Out Of Time”

[via New Noise Magazine]