Video stream: Palaye Royale – “Nervous Breakdown”

Palaye Royale dropped a music video for a new song titled “Nervous Breakdown”. The band said of it in a collective statement:

‘Nervous Breakdown’ is the continuation of the story we started with the video for ‘Fucking With My Head’. As the new era is beginning to be revealed, the viewer is cryptically introduced to Lieseil Inc and Warhol Stars.

For the past seven years of our career, we have been hinting at this in lyrics, music videos and artwork like an existential maze for the fans to figure out and link together. Recently, we have been posting in binary and Morse code leading the fans further into the secrets of the conceptual story. Every new piece of material released is further insight into the world that we have created.”

As mentioned in the group’s comment, the song is a follow-up to their track “Fucking With My Head”, released at the end June. “Nervous Breakdown” and “Fucking With My Head” are available as digital singles here and here, respectively.