Video stream: LLNN – “Obsidian”

Band: LLNN
Song: “Obsidian”
Director: Jon Gotlev
Album: Unmaker
Release Date: September 24th, 2021
Label: Pelagic Records

Director Jon Gotlev offered:

‘Obsidian’ was envisioned through glitchy screens of distant worlds; the dense, claustrophobic crawl spaces, caustic scanning lights, inescapable sense of dread and the desolated halls of large, unmanned ships floating towards emptiness, bringing forth the giant monolith in a space of tension and oblivion, and finaly meeting The Unmaker up close.”

The group adds:

 “‘Obsidian’ is about something unknowable consuming and devouring everything in its path to become a part of it like an ever-expanding blob of flesh. It might be a metaphor for something…you decide.”


[via Revolver]