Video stream: Gematria – “Star Death”

Band: Gematria
Song: “Star Death”
Album: Gematria
Release Date: October 19th, 2018
Label: Nefarious Industries

Multi-instrumentalist Steve Honoshowsky said of the track:

“The concept I used to compose this song is that the death of the star is a new beginning (in this case that’s last section or outro section of the song). The sections leading up to it are composed of four melodies that cycle through three times. This is the number 21. When two and one vibrate, a new beginning is born.”

Guitarist Ray Suhy offered:

Steve sent me this track to work on guitar parts for and I was blown away. I was immediately intrigued by the swirling synths and ominous bassline. My idea for this track was to have it build from acoustic guitar to full blown octave fuzz mayhem. What I love about playing over Steve’s tracks is that they’re so open and allow me to go in any direction that I want.”


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