Band: Entombed A.D.
Song: “Torment Remains”
Album: Bowels Of Earth
Release Date: August 30th, 2019
Label: Century Media Records

Guitarist Nico Elgstrand commented:

“Dear Metalhead, hope you are well!

For you here to enjoy, this new track of our forthcoming album Bowels of Earth!

We sincerely hope and believe that it will melt your brain into mush…

Best death wishes and curses from Entombed A.D.


Bowels Of Earth track listing:

  1. “Torment Remains”
  2. “Elimination”
  3. “Hell Is My Home”
  4. “Bowels Of Earth”
  5. “Bourbon Nightmare”
  6. “Fit For A King”
  7. “Worlds Apart”
  8. “Through The Eyes Of The Gods”
  9. “I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive” (Hank Williams cover)
  10. “To Eternal Night”