Video stream: Edensong – “In The Longest Of Days”

Progressive rock five-piece Edensong recently debuted the official video for their track “In The Longest Of Days”. Guitarist/vocalist James Schoen commented:

‘In The Longest Of Days’ is really the song that inspired the concept behind the album Years In The Garden Of Years. It was the first song I wrote from scratch for Edensong since the Fruit Fallen days and it remains one of my favorites, and one that flowed really easily for me. Conceptually, the song depicts a lifetime in the span of a single day; All our desires, aspirations, and struggles distilled into a solitary rotation of the earth on its axis.

True to the concept, we filmed the video in the span of a single day, up in rural Vermont, where I felt the epic landscape could really complement the feel of the music. Once again, we teamed up with our good friend filmmaker Nick Fiore, and worked with an incredible local dancer Hanna Satterlee. Since just getting the guys in the band together for rehearsal can often be a challenge, I was quite nervous about our ability to pull all this off in a day (especially considering it was an outdoor shoot in Vermont in the middle of November) but things couldn’t have come together more perfectly! Thanks, global warming! Both the song and the video shoot flowed pretty effortlessly, a rarity in my experience!”

The song is taken from the group’s latest outing, Years In The Garden Of Years (Laser’s Edge).

[via The Prog Report]