Band: Dancing on Tables
Song: “How Do I Get Back to Her”
Album: Colour in the Grey
Release Date: October 14th, 2022
Label: ENCI Records

The band said of the single:

‘How Do I Get Back to Her?’ is a fast, fun song about the reflection on a ruined relationship. It was originally a slow, somber track, but when we were in the studio, deciding which songs would make the cut, we played it at double the speed and instantly unlocked exactly how the song should feel.

We’re firm believers that just because you have lyrics that look at a deep subject, the music behind should be able to tell its own story. In this case, it has a fast-paced, chaotic feel to it to represent what was a turbulent relationship that is now being viewed through rose-tinted glasses.

The song is the first on the tracklist, so opening the album with the words ‘I’ve been trying to figure out where it all went wrong, you’ve been telling me to write it in a song’ is a sarcastic nod to the hectic life of trying to make it in music and all the highs and lows that go with it.”

Speaking of their upcoming full-length, the group offered:

“It feels like the last 3 years of our life have all been building up to this album. You can hear the journey that we’ve been on as a group as you go through the tracks, with stories of love, happiness, loss and frustration sang on top of a sound that we have worked hard to define by combining our original rock influences with our favourite modern music alt-pop styles.

The album is a collection of songs that were put together over a time where as musicians, we were suddenly stuck at home after being used to being on the road for most of the year. Like most people, it was tough for us to stay motivated during this, but working together (remotely) on music was the highlight of each day and left us with over 70 tracks to choose from for this album.

For us, writing and recording this album really was the ‘colour in the grey’ of every day life at this point.”


Colour in the Grey track listing:

  1. “How Do I Get Back to Her”
  2. “Breathe”
  3. “Better Off Friends”
  4. “Sing Along”
  5. “Letters”
  6. “Bubblegum”
  7. “High”
  8. “So What”
  9. “Shock to the System”
  10. “Rollercoaster Love”

8/20 Aberdeen, UK – Tunnels
8/21 Edinburgh, UK – Sneaky Pete’s
10/06 Bristol, UK – Crofter’s Right
10/08 London, UK – Old Grace
11/23 Manchester, UK – 33 Oldham St.
11/24 Birmingham, UK – Muthers Studio
11/26 Stockton, UK – Songs From Northern Britain
11/30 Leeds, UK – Oporto
12/01 Sunderland, UK – Independent