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Official press release:

French black metal trinity, VI, made of current and ex-members of Aosoth and Antaeus, have revelaed details concerning their long-awaited debut album. The opus is entitled De Praestigiis Angelorum and will see its release on September 25th via Agonia Records. Premiere track off the record is available for streaming now, via YouTube:

The line-up of VI is shaped by INVRI (Aosoth, ex-Antaeus) on guitars and vocals, BST (Aosoth, ex-Antaeus, ex-Aborted) on bass and Blastum (ex-Aosoth, ex-Antaeus, Merrimack) on drums. Their forthcoming full-length material bestirs within the characteristic black metal niche developed by the said bands, with the addition of expanded guitar work, choirs and subtle sample parts. VI describes their music as “extreme, devoted black metal with illuminated chaos.”

The band have completed the entire recording process of their debut album in BST Studio (Antaeus, Hell Militia, Aosoth, Vorkreist) after five long years of comprehensive work. The cover artwork has been created by Alexander L. Brown (Leviathan, Stargazer, Bölzer, Darkthrone).

Pre-order De Praestigiis Angelorum here.

De Praestigiis Angelorum track listing:

1. “Et in pulverem mortis deduxisti me.”
2. “Par le jugement causé par ses poisons.”
3. “La terre ne cessera de se consumer.”
4. “Regarde tes cadavres car il ne te permettra pas qu’on les enterre.”
5. “Une place parmi les morts.”
6. “Voilà l’homme qui ne te prenait pas comme Seigneur.”
7. “Il est trop tard pour rendre gloire. Ainsi la lumière sera changée en ombre de la mort.”
8. “Plus aucun membre ne sera rendu.”

VI 1

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