Venom Prison‘s music video for their song “Perpetrator Emasculation” has made its online debut, take it in below. Frontwoman Larissa offered:

Venom Prison grew from a grass roots hardcore scene, and have no intention of forgetting where we have come from. VP recently decided to do a home town show at a secret location and as you can see, it was intense. Living in a time where music venues close down or just aren’t affordable for underground promoters and bands, supporting your local scene is very important as it helps expanding musical boundaries and help to evolve the bands involved in it. Hopefully this footage from ‘Perpetrator Emasculation’ spreads word that shows like this are going on all over the world in DIY spaces.”

The track appears on the U.K. death metal outfit’s debut album Animus, in stores now through Prosthetic Records.

[via Decibel]