Velvets drop new single “Loved By You”

Band: Velvets
Song: “Loved By You”
Album: Velvets
Release Date: September 24th, 2021
Label: The Sign Records

Vocalist/Lyricist Sami Mustonen said of the song:

”This is the second song we did for Velvets and thus wanted it to be released as the second single. You can hear the influences of Cisse Häkkinen, the ultimate Finnish rock’n’roll hero, and the 50’s era rock in the song topped with a modern twist to it. The lyrics are for my soon-to-be wife. It’s a very personal song, but I also see it as a classic love song with a classic, relatable story. There’s a schlager touch to it and a feeling of a nightless night that we have here in Finland around midsummer.”