Photo by: Chris Johnston

Official press release:

Oakland, California death metal crew Vastum is currently writing their fifth album, the follow-up to their 2019-released Orificial Purge LP. Upon completion of the writing process, they will complete the album for release through 20 Buck Spin.

Guitarist/vocalist Leila Abdul-Rauf reveals:

“The fifth Vastum album is currently being birthed into unfathomably horrific deformity, pushing the topical, aesthetic, and sonic bounds of all previous works to date. I’m certain it will shatter preconceptions of what Vastum is or ever was: an ever-growing breathing monster in its second decade, a death-life beyond the five individuals who conceived it.”

Stand by for updates on the album to post over the months ahead.

Meanwhile, the band is plotting live performances in multiple locales across the US for the year. April 29th will find Vastum sharing the stage with Mortuous, Genocide Pact, and Immersed In Pain in Washington, DC. Two days later, Vastum will headline the second day of the Death Nexus Festival in Philadelphia on April 30th and May 1st, joining Mortuous, Scattered Remnants, Ectovoid, Phobophilic, and many others. And in June, Vastum will take part in Trve Brewing’s 10th Anniversary Bacchanal in Denver alongside Khemmis, Panopticon, Hulder, and Dreadnought. For these gigs, Colin Tarvin (Acephalix, Mortuous, Evulse) will be filling in on bass for Vastum.

4/29 Washington, D.C. – Atlas Brew Works
5/01 Philadelphia, PA – Warehouse on Watts @ Death Nexus
6/25 Denver, CO – The Gothic Theatre @ Trve Brewing 10 Anniversary Bacchanal

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