Valleys set to release new full-length Experiment One: Asylum; stream lead single “Finding Solace”

Valleys 2

Official press release:

Rising modern progressive metal group Valleys are set to release their debut full-length conceptalbum, Experiment One: Asylum, on February 12, 2016. The album illustrates the main character, Asylum, in his tumultuous fight with Multiple-Personality Disorder. Each track depicts Asylum’s returning struggle with a different personality.

In anticipation of the upcoming release, the band is revealing the first single from the album, entitled “Finding Solace”, today via Revolver Magazine. Take a listen to the track here:

Vocalist JaysonMitchell states:

‘Finding Solace’ is one of my favorite tracks on the record. The song speaks for itself – it paints a perfect picture of triumph and struggle for the character. This track is about Asylum fighting to overcome his disease. It’s a track that we as a band feel to be one of the strongest songs we have in our discography.”

Experiment One: Asylum was recorded during the summer and fall of 2015 and is produced by Paul Barton of 415 Recording, with mixing and mastering duties handled by Todd Borland of Borland Studios.

Mitchell adds:

“We wrote this album as a concept on Multiple Personality Disorder because we understand how devastating this disease can be on the individual and his/her family. We wrote these lyrics and music as a way of hope for the people diagnosed with this disease. We want them to hear the record and hear the story of Asylum, the main character, and see that if he can fight the disease, anyone can,”

Valleys are currently planning a tour for spring 2016, set to be announced in the new year. Stay tuned for more details on Experiment One: Asylum and the upcoming Valleys tour.

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