Photo by: Matthias Sandmann

German outfit Valborg have released a visualizer for their new track ‘Sehnsucht nach Unendlichkeit’ (“Longing for Infinity”). The song is the lead single taken from the death sludge outfit’s forthcoming album Der Alte (The Old One), which has been slated for release on September 9 via Prophecy Productions. Vocalist/bassist Jan Buckard explains:

“The working title for ‘Sehnsucht nach Unendlichkeit’ was ‘Techno’ due to our use of a steady kick drum. The tune originates from the idea of writing a super simple song regarding its structure, but with rather complex and deep harmonics. In this respect, ‘Sehnsucht nach Unendlichkeit’ can be regarded as an experimental piece from our end, which turned out to be worthy to be picked as the first single. The title is actually derived from the name of a spaceship in one of Alastair Reynolds’ hard science fiction novels.”

Pre-orders are available now at this location.

Der Alte track listing:

  1. “Asbach”
  2. “Höhle Hölle”
  3. “Kommando aus der Zukunft”
  4. “Urecho”
  5. “Die Glut der ersten Stunde”
  6. “Saturn Eros Xenomorph”
  7. “Hektor”
  8. “Der Alte”
  9. “Attacke”
  10. “Sehnsucht nach Unendlichkeit”
  11. “Mortum”
  12. “Verdacht im Palast”
  13. “Mutter des bösen Sterns”