Empty My Lungs 1

The music industry is an incredibly unstable place right now. We are no longer in a time where a band would get a lucrative record deal that set them up for stardom. The double edged sword these days is that the market is over-saturated with music. The bad side is that it’s incredibly difficult to find that diamond in the rough band that really pushes the envelope and competition is obviously ridiculous because there are so many bands. The great side is that there’s no shortage of good music. If you ask me, it’s no big deal that there are so many bands because there are plenty out there making music worth listening to. Another positive aspect is the incredible progress that technology has made in recent years which allows anyone to buy recording equipment that produces a quality product. DIY recording has never been more alive.

Take Minneapolis metalcore sextet Empty My Lungs for example, an outfit that just turned a year old this week but is really coming into their own. The band is not reinventing the wheel musically but what they’ve got going on is really good and there’s always room to grow – especially when the band is so young. They’ve got a tight sound of down-tuned riffs, chugging breakdowns, and the vocal exchange of guttural growls and soaring cleans. What they also are, is an example of what bands these days need to be: hard-working. I don’t know them personally or anything, but that’s the vibe I get from these guys. It’s not like they just slapped together a demo to put up on YouTube to make their presence known. The music is well-produced, giving the listener a crystal clear message that they mean business.

If you’ve taken the time to make this far in the post and didn’t just check out the song below I appreciate you taking the time to read my ridiculousness. Anyway, Empty My Lungs released this lyric video for a new song titled “Unbroken”, which as I mentioned a sentence ago, can be heard below. The band currently have two other lyric videos out that you can check out on their YouTube channel. They currently have seven songs written altogether and will be hitting the road in June. If any label people happen to stumble across this post, they are up for grabs at this time. The link to their Facebook is above but you can also follow them on Twitter here. More to come from these guys as it becomes available.