Such heavy, much metal, wow! Seriously though, the heavy!!! Obviously I’m a huge fan of Unearth and I’m gushing over this track. These guys like to take their time with their music and it pays off because they have yet to disappoint, at least in my opinion. Darkness In The Light wasn’t my favorite (probably because it had the task of topping The March) but it was still good. Anyway, technically this isn’t a new song since the band debuted it live but that version didn’t do it justice. If you haven’t already, the studio version of “The Swarm” can be heard above, thank you so much Revolver.

You can either pick up Watchers Of Rule when it’s released on October 28th or pre-order at this location. If the fact that Unearth are preparing to release a new record isn’t awesome enough, the deluxe edition of the record comes with a cover of Slayer’s “Spirit In Black”. They must be tapping into my brain or something because that’s one of my favorite Slayer tracks, I can’t wait to listen to that! Below you can find the track listing for Watchers Of Rule.

Prior to the album’s release, the band will be hitting the road as part of the Hell or High Wattage tour with Darkest Hour, Carnifex, Origin, I, The Breather, and Black Crown Initiate

Track List:

1 – Intro
2 – The Swarm
3 – Lifetime In Ruins
4 – Guards Of Contagion
5 – From The Tombs Of Five Below
6 – Never Cease
7 – Trail To Fire
8 – To The Ground
9 – Burial Lines
10 – Birth Of A Legion
11 – Watchers Of Rule
12 – Throes Of Remission
13 – Spirit In Black (Slayer cover)