Canadian progressive black/death metal outfit Unbowed are pleased to announce their new LP Through Endless Tides, set for release on May 19th 2017.

The band have given us a sneak peek of their new material with the playthrough for “Stormblood”, first premiered on The Circle Pit.

Watch here:

The first release demonstrating the band’s new existence as a five-piece, Through Endless Tides is not for the faint of heart. Symphonic black metal and progressive death metal meld together to create a masterful and brutally epic sound.

Themes of resistance and odds-against-survival run through the album, a canvas on which the intensity of the journey of life is painted. Reflected in the tortured lyrics and battle-cry musical textures, Through Endless Tides is a release which pummels you throughout the entirety of its 45-minute run.

For fans of Behemoth, Amon Amarth, Amorphis, and Dimmu Borgir, Unbowed demonstrate a range of influences and maturity beyond their young years. Still only barely twenty, the band have already played alongside Battlecross, Einherjer, The Contortionist and more, and are booking further dates across Canada as we speak.

Through Endless Tides track listing:

1. “Mountaincarver”
2. “Stormblood”
3. “Daughter Of The Flood”
4. “The Discordant Ascent Of A Drowned God”
5. “Sign Of Slaughter”
6. “Bleak Ululations”
7. “Dreaming Of The Deep”
8. “Diluvian Embrace”


5/05 – Oshawa, ON
5/27 – Guelph, ON
8/10 – London, ON
8/11 – Guelph, ON
8/12 – Toronto, ON