Transient with Bastard Noise drop new track “Cave Mouth”

Band: Transient with Bastard Noise
Song: “Cave Mouth”
Album: Sources Of Human Satisfaction
Release Date: August 10th, 2018
Label: Six Weeks Records

Transient said of the song:

‘Cave Mouth’ is cool because we all contributed riffs and the rhythms of the song – slow, looming, and then more manic, follow the lyrical content and stay true to the band’s overall style. Everyone’s had times in their lives when they’re feeling empowered, just really awesome and satisfied, and then not. Empowered. Disempowered. Empowered again. The shift can happen in a matter of moments, days, weeks, years, but it will happen – this shift is the only constant. I guess you could say we’re skeptical of satisfaction. The transience of feelings, in particular the loss of good feelings, is kind of what the song is about.”


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