Band: Toothless
Song: “Bridges”
Album: Red EP
Release Date: March 30th, 2018

Vocalist Travis Antoniello said of the new single:

‘Bridges’ is more focused on groove with some tastes of dissonance and mathcore elements. Of course, it has some heavier parts people can get down to, as well. The lyrics are more story-like, following a character driven into mania after realizing they have no control of the world around them.”

Regarding their upcoming EP, Red, drummer James Slattery said:

“With this EP, I feel like we explored our individual influences more than in the past. We tried to incorporate a bit more groove while also pulling elements from some more obscure genres, like post-metal and drum and bass, to meld with our metalcore/mathcore sound.”


  • Bandcamp (single)
  • Red EP track listing:

    1. “Mask”
    2. “Bridges”
    3. “Torches”
    4. “Broken Toes”
    5. “Subtle”
    6. “Red”

    [via HM Magazine]