Tiny Stills debut stream of Laughing Into The Void

Band: Tiny Stills
Album: Laughing Into The Void
Release Date: June 1st, 2018

Frontwoman Kailynn West offered:

“We wanted to make a great power pop record that made us feel good – something that made us wanna dance when we felt like everything was going wrong. Whether that was by being really honest or just good guitar riff that we liked, we just wanted to be happy… Making this record was a really cathartic and freeing experience.”


  • Big Cartel
  • Laughing Into The Void track listing:

    1. “When I’m With You”
    2. “Colorblind”
    3. “Lala”
    4. “Can You Blame Me”
    5. “My Skin”
    6. “Small Talk”
    7. “Right All Along”
    8. “Don’t Call Me A Catch”
    9. “Let’s Fall In Love”
    10. “Someday Everyone Who Hurt Me Will Be Dead”

    [via Music Connection]