Thou detail new full-length and EPs; stream several tracks

Baton Rouge metal/punks Thou will be releasing a new full-length titled Magus on August 31st via Sacred Bones Records. Preceding the record are a series of EPs: The House Primordial (out now) on Raw Sugar and Robotic Empire, Inconsolable (June 29th) on Community Records, and Rhea Sylvia (July 27th) on Deathwish, Inc. The group have debuted new tracks as well. Listen to “The Changeling Prince” from Magus and “The Only Law” off Rhea Sylvia EP; full streams of Inconsolable EP and The House Primordial EP are also available. You can listen below along with viewings of cover variants for each. Pre-orders are now available and can be found via the following links:

  • MagusSacred Bones webstore
  • MagusDeathwish webstore
  • Rhea Sylvia EP – All options
  • Inconsolable EP – Community Records webstore
  • Insonsolable EP – Deathwish webstore
  • Inconsolable EP – Bandcamp
  • The House Primordial EP – Deathwish webstore
  • The House Primordial EP – Bandcamp
  • Magus track listing:

    1. “Inward”
    2. “My Brother Caliban”
    3. “Transcending Dualities”
    4. “The Changeling Prince”
    5. “Sovereign Self”
    6. “Divine Will”
    7. “In the Kingdom of Meaning”
    8. “Greater Invocation of Disgust”
    9. “Elimination Rhetoric”
    10. “The Law Which Compels”
    11. “Supremacy”

    Rhea Sylvia EP track listing:

    1. “The Only Law”
    2. “Unfortunate Times”
    3. “Non-Entity”
    4. “Deepest Sun”
    5. “Restless River”
    6. “The Lasting Dose”