Band: The World Without Us
Album: Body Forth EP
Release Date: July 8th, 2022
Label: Self-released

The band comments:

“The creation of this EP, Body Forth, comes from over a year of deep quiet. Using this liminal time afforded to us by fate, we were able to pull from our experiences to explore themes of self-realization and the calm of personal acceptance in the wake of insurmountable terrors. When we composed the music for this release, it was our intent to capture this dichotomy of inner serenity and outer turmoil. Our chaotic and progressive instrumentation builds behind the emotive, often lyrical, vocals, threatening to overtake them before colliding together to ascend as something neither could be alone.”


Body Forth EP track listing:

  1. “Eden”
  2. “Cult”
  3. “Weeds”
  4. “Peril”
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