The Shadeless Emperor sign with Wormholedeath; release “Too Far Gone” lyric video

Greek epic/melodic death metallers The Shadeless Emperor have signed a distribution deal with WormHoleDeath for the worldwide release of their new record Ashbled Shores. A lyric video for the song “Too Far Gone” off the album is now streaming and can be heard below. Ashbled Shores is scheduled to hit stores digitally on September 8th in the U.S., December 20th in Japan, and October 13th in the rest of the world.

Ashbled Shores track listing:

1. Oaths”
2. Ashbled Shores”
3. Sullen Guard”
4. Homeland”
5. Shades Over The Empire”
6. Duskfall”
7. A Few Rotten Words”
8. Helios The Dark”
9. Olethros”
10. Too Far Gone”
11. An Ember Gale”