The Republic Of Wolves stream new record shrine

Band: The Republic Of Wolves
Album: shrine
Release Date: March 27th, 2018

Frontman Mason Maggio shares:

shrine is our third full-length album, and thus far it feels like the most complete representation of who we are collectively as artists. Lyrically it’s a roughly narrative concept album, drawing inspiration from mythology and folklore, and musically it’s the amalgamation of three years’ worth of ideas and experimentation – all leading to a cohesive body of work that we’re immensely proud of.”


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  • shrine track listing:

    1. “The Canyon”
    2. “Bask”
    3. “Sundials”
    4. “Birdless Cage”
    5. “Mitama”
    6. “Dialogues”
    7. “Northern Ortodox”
    8. “Colored Out”
    9. “Ore”
    10. “Worry If You Want (Yume)”
    11. “Thurisaz”
    (Bonus Track)
    12. “Born Blind” (Bonus Track)
    13. “Amaterasu” (Bonus Track)

    [via Pure Grain Audio]