The ReAktion stream new album SELKNAM

Electro-hard rockers The ReAktion are streaming their new full-length album SELKNAM in its entirety. The album is out now through Mainia Recordings and can be secured through the label, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

The outfit will be appearing performing this coming Sunday, October 25th at this year’s Knotfest. Tickets can be picked up

SELKNAM track listing:

1. “144k”
2. “10 Steps To Success”
3. “Teach Me How To Stop The World”
4. “Thousands Of Memories”
5. “I Am Somebody”
6. “The Network”
7. “No Kryptonite To Hold Us Back”
8. “Cycles And Shapes”
9. “The Lie That You Believe”
10. “Synchro”
11. “Across The Universe”
12. “Enter The Fourth Dimension”

The ReAktion 1