The Oxford Coma issue “Everything Out Of Tune (My Only Victories Are Others’ Failures)” video

Band: The Oxford Coma
Song: “Everything Is Out Of Tune (My Only Victories Are Others’ Failures)”
Album: Everything Out Of Tune
Release Date: October 13th, 2017

Founding guitarist/vocalist Billy Tegethoff commented:

“The song is the title track from the last album Everything Out Of Tune. It’s called ‘Everything IS Out of Tune (My Only Victories are Others’ Failures)’ because I’m annoying. It’s basically me whining about how the success goes to the most connected. Networking is a skill I’ve never been great at, so I’ve always been envious of those to whom it comes naturally. The video is coming out now because we have had a great response to a promo I ran on Facebook with part of this song in it. It got nearly a million views and provided us with a lot of good information on where we need to be touring (UK, incoming). “