The Oxford Coma 2

Official press release:

In the wake of the recent announcement of their impending second full-length coming together for release this Summer, Phoenix, Arizona’s metal experimentalist trio, The Oxford Coma, has just re-drafted their latest works with a new title and new cover artwork, and has issued all of the newly confirmed info alongside the album’s track listing and release date.

Initially dubbed The Pulls, a recent change of direction has forged a new cover layout and title for the album, which is now called, Paris Is Mine. Through several lineup alterations and sporadic expansions, the usual three-piece bass, guitar and drums lineup of The Oxford Coma at times radically expands for live shows to include a second drummer, and for the first time on record, this time the tactic was applied in the studio setting. Utilizing both a former and current percussionist, and continuing their self-described recording “de-evolution” — continuing to opt for rawer, live, DIY productions with each release — through several sessions, ended up with their most corrosive and unreserved material to date. Bent on combining the weirdness and freshness of improvisation with the intensity and honesty of good metal and the lasting impact of innovative rock, the new album was produced with minimal production, the vocals all in one take in order to preserve a natural feel. Recorded, engineered, mixed, mastered by Jalipaz at Audioconfusion in Mesa, Arizona, Paris Is Mine delivers forty minutes of exploratory thunder as perplexing as it is enthralling, even closing out with an improvised jam and a drop-tuned cover of Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks”.

Paris Is Mine will be independently released digitally on August 11th, with a limited physical format to follow. Stand by for additional info from the record, audio samples, an official video, tour dates and more to be released throughout the weeks ahead. For now the cover layout and track listing has been issued.

Paris Is Mine track listing:

1. “Canadian Questionmark”
2. “Ritaling”
3. “Daisies”
4. “The Pulls”
5. “Ados Watts Jam”
6. “When The Levee Breaks”

The Oxford Coma 3

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