The Order Of Elijah release full stream of War At Heart

The Order Of Elijah’s new record War At Heart dropped yesterday through Luxor Records – you can purchase it on CD here and digitally on iTunes. The effort is also now streaming in full and can be heard below courtesy of Revolver. Frontman Shannon Low comments:

“This album has been a turning point for The Order. Each member had more opportunity to bring their own touch to each track. After 2 years of touring Dethrone and writing, it’s really refreshing to have some new tracks to drop for the fans and play live.”

War At Heart track listing:

1. “Heresy”
2. “War at Heart”
3. “Tyler Durden”
4. “God’s Unwanted Children”
5. “From the Dusk”
6. “From the Dawn”
7. “All American Plague”
8. “Jennifer Mckenzie vs The Vampire Slayer” (feat. Zachary Scott)
9. “Haunted”
10. “The Art of Forgiveness”
11. “Beautiful”

The Order Of Elijah 2