The Ongoing Concept

The Ongoing Concept have announced the Handmade Tour with Dayseeker. The tour kicks off a few days prior to the release of the band’s upcoming effort Handmade, which will be released on June 16th through Solid State. A special guest for the tour will be revealed at a later date.

6/13 – La Crosse, WI | The Warehouse
6/14 – Danville, IL | Vintage Villains
6/15 – Barrington, IL | Penny Road Pub
6/16 – Detroit, MI | Hatchey’s
6/17 – Kent, OH | The Outpost
6/18 – Albany, NY | The Hollow
6/19 – Providence, RI | Simons 667
6/20 – Allentown, PA | Planet Trog
6/21 – Lemoyne, PA | The Champ
6/22 – Brooklyn, NY | The Place
6/23 – Howell, NJ | Gamechanger World
6/25 – Fredericksburg, VA | KC’s Music Alley
6/26 – Greensboro, NC | Greene St. Club
6/28 – Orlando, FL | Backbooth
6/29 – Odessa, FL | The Goat House
7/01 – Houston, TX | Walters
7/02 – Austin, TX | Dirty Dog Bar
7/03 – Dallas, TX | Sons of Herman Hall *

* = no Dayseeker

The band’s forthcoming effort was recorded using instruments that they crafted themselves. You can see a time-lapsed video of the band making the drum set for the effort. Guitarist/vocalist Dawson Scholz said of the album:

“Well, I don’t want to give the idea that we were dirt-poor growing up but we always were inclined to build the redneck version of things we needed. I built our guitar cabs years ago and people always comment on them. So not too long ago, we were sitting around and just had the idea to really build our new album from the ground up including our instruments.

This process was undoubtedly long and challenging. In the case of building the drums steps included setting axe to pine trees, drying the wood of sap and moisture over long arduous hours, shaping, sanding, and attaching the pieces together, to drilling and installing the hardware to the finished drum. In the case of the guitars different pickups and electronics were soldered on and off to match the tonal aspects for each individual song.”