Band: The Occult
Song: “Watch You Die”
Album: The Occult
Release Date: August 19th, 2022
Label: Records DK

Vocalist/songwriter Eric Savanis said of the new track:

“Lyrically, the single is pretty self-explanatory if you ask me. Musically, it’s very dynamic and certainly a favourite to play live. As for the rest of the album, while the songs might seem tongue and cheek at times, there’s magick permeating everywhere on the record. As a student of Western Hermeticism, it’s no coincidence that the band is called The Occult. Raf, our guitarist, worked his ass off on the upcoming video which is gonna blow people’s minds.”


The Occult track listing:

  1. “Watch You Die”
  2. “In This Night”
  3. “Deth Doll”
  4. “Strangling Republicans”
  5. “It’s Amateur Hour”
  6. “20 Years”
  7. “Dots”
  8. “Gotta Love Those Humans”
  9. “Dine with Me”
  10. “Team Satan”
  11. “Planet Pisces”
  12. “Nicole”
  13. “Occupy Unite”
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