The Night Flight Orchestra have released a lyric video for their new single “Midnight Flyer”. Singer Björn Strid said of it:

‘Midnight Flyer’ might be the ultimate The Night Flight Orchestra track, and all the emotions that we think a classic rock track should convey are there. When you find yourself on a night flight across the oceans, you’ve just left everything you love behind and once you land you know that nothing will ever be the same. You’ve got nothing left to lose, and you just want to escape reality, no matter the cost. A melancholic over the top party anthem, about the deep personal insights you can only get at 36,000 ft. with a stiff drink in your trembling hands, and the mysterious beauty that you hope will be there waiting for you when you arrive.”

The group’s new record Amber Galactic is slated for release May 19th on Nuclear Blast. Pre-orders are now available on physical and digital formats here and here.

[via MetalSucks]