Band: The HU
Song: “Bie Biyelgee”
Director: Dashdondog Bayarmagnai
Album: Rumble of Thunder
Release Date: September 2nd, 2022
Label: Better Noise Music

Speaking of the video, the band said:

‘Bie Biyelgee’ is about having a good time. We danced like we never danced before during the video shoot and the movements where we tried to imitate biyelgee were very challenging. The biyelgee movements require a different skill set than you would find in any dance genre so in that way, celebrating these qualities are fascinating and inspiring to us.”


Rumble of Thunder track listing:

  1. “This is Mongol”
  2. “YUT Hövende”
  3. “Triangle”
  4. “Teach Me”
  5. “Upright Destined Mongol”
  6. “Sell The World”
  7. “Black Thunder”
  8. “Mother Nature”
  9. “Bie Biyelgee”
  10. “Segee”