Band: The Ever Living
Song: “De-Emulate”
Director: CBL
Album: Artificial Devices
Release Date: July 15th, 2022
Label: Chromism Records

Singer/keyboardist/programmer Chris Bevan Lee comments:

‘De-Emulate’ is all about how our emotions can feel inbuilt and pre-programmed which holds us back and prevents us from progressing. The video was inspired by the early 90s when music videos had a more experimental aesthetic. Certainly not like the carbon copy studio shoots you see today. I always try to make sure the style suits the theme and mood of the track and the fragmented visuals both illustrate and represent our sound. One foot firmly in the past with the other in the future.”


Artificial Devices track listing:

  1. “Omniphorm”
  2. “De-Emulate”
  3. “Circadian March”
  4. “Ruminance”
  5. “Total Impasse”
  6. “Kronosync”
  7. “You’ve Come to the Right Place”
  8. “Take Heed, Take Flight”