The Ever Living debut “Separated At Death” video

The music video for post-metal quartet The Ever Living’s new sing “Separated At Death” is now live and can be checked out above. Vocalist Christ Bevan Lee offers:

“I thought that if you could capture the performance of the statue without any tricks or effects and if you didn’t have any buildings or people in the shot, it would give an otherworldly feel to it.”

Guitarist Andrei Alan elaborates:

“What we have created is heavily layered and intense. We’re combining ideas from post, progressive and black metal with classical, industrial and electronic influences in a way that we have not heard other bands do. The EP was designed to show different sides of the band but to also be fairly straightforward for a first release. We didn’t want there to be any fat on the songs and it doesn’t let up much. It’s a good taster of what’s to come.”

The Ever Living EP is out April 1st, but available for pre-order now on iTunes.

The Ever Living EP track listing:

1. “Stung By Something”
2. “Separated At Death”
3. “End Of Red, Pt. 1”
4. “End Of Red, Pt. 2”
5. “Geometric Sleep”
The Ever Living 2