The Eulogy sign with Bridge Nine Records; announce new Last Days EP

Official press release:

With a virtual all-star team of hardcore lifers, The Eulogy is anxious to follow up on their first release with a new EP called Last Days, due out on September 22nd from Bridge Nine Records. The 5-song record is an absolute banger, serving up classic hardcore with a modern touch. With Matt Henderson at the helm there is a strong embrace of the classic NYHC sound that he was such a huge part of while playing in Agnostic Front and Madball; Henderson said:

“This isn’t some nostalgia trip. There are other elements to the sound. We are tuned down which gives us a much heavier feel. The band was founded by guys from NY, Boston and New Jersey so of course we bring that to the table, there are also elements of early punk and death metal.”

The Eulogy is a band of 5 guys that are playing for the love of the game. Bass player Kevin Norton adds:

“We play some shows first and sometimes last. We don’t care, we just like playing hardcore.”