The Empire Shall Fall to enter the studio, announce performances

The Empire Shall Fall’s Jesse Leach – you may know him from Killswitch Engage and Times Of Grace – has provided an update on the status of The Empire Shall Fall via his website The frontman has revealed that the band have some shows coming up, as well as studio time to record their upcoming EP Vol. 2 The Heart Chakra. You can read his post below:

“Its been well over a year since I had the pleasure to jam with my brothers and band The Empire Shall Fall. A brief history for those who don’t know. I formed this band with the bass player Nick and guitarist Jake in 2008. We play a hybrid of Metal, Hardcore, Rock and touches of Jazz. The lyrics range from Political to personal.

The first two recordings the first is Awaken released in 2009. Our second release (the first of the three Eps) which you can purchase here: Vol. 1 Solar Plexus or just listen to tracks on YOUTUBE and write intelligent comments like “this band sux so hard guy! Then… feel free.

After I rejoined Killswitch Engage we all decided that no matter what we would keep the band moving even if it just meant recording music and becoming a “Studio” band. We spent many weekends traveling and spreading the word about our band and all of us became very close friends during that time. This past weekend hanging out and playing those songs again reignited a fire!

It is amazing to have a group of friends that have your back and support you even when it means putting something you all love and share on “the back burner.” Being who we all are to each other really makes this band unique and defines a certain feel we all have as a old friends and musicians. They also keep me on my toes as a they have to teach me some of the parts step by step when they are in odd time signatures! All that being said, we have decided to come out of our little hiatus and play some shows!

I am pleased to announce we will be playing shows starting on:

January 30th supporting the almighty OVERCAST (featuring Mike D from Killswitch Engage Brian Fair Shadows Fall Pete Cortese Seemless Jay Fitzgerald Acaro)!!!

We are also booking further dates in the future around the recordings of the next EP.

Jan 30th at the Ruins at the Coliseum Providence RI

Jan 31st at Ralphs in Worcester MA

As far as the next EP goes, I have had a pretty close to complete recording of the next EP with me for months. However my touring schedule and the fact that these guys wrote such a complex piece of music. This Ep has taken me some time to wrap my head around it all (in fact I am still doing so)! Very soon our third release Vol 2. The Heart Chakra (which is the second in a series of three Eps) will be completed. It has been a long time coming and will be our most experimental effort to date.

Either way from all of us at The Empire Shall Fall, Thanks for all the emails, comments and support!

Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah etc. New EP due soon and see you soon!”