Band: The Dark Alamorté
Song: “Tusk in the Abyss”
Album: Lunacrium Thepsis
Release Date: May 20th, 2022
Label: Unique Leader Records

Lunacrium Thepsis track listing:

  1. “The Inner Quiet”
  2. “Cast Into Froth”
  3. “Gowns of Undying Light”
  4. “Vongrimson Burrows”
  5. “A Loathing Tomb”
  6. “Glasshaven”
  7. “Tempest Barren Furor”
  8. “Inmergo Dominium”
  9. “Antediluvian Revelation”
  10. “Infernal Judgement”
  11. “Ungiving Sorrow”
  12. “Tusk In The Abyss”
  13. “Fearfeeder”
  14. “Scourge of Fire”
  15. “Lunacrium Thepsis”
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