The Casualties announce new full-length Written In Blood, debut new single “1312”

Official press release:

Influential street-punk legends The Casualties will return this fall with the release of their much anticipated 11th full-length album, Written In Blood, on October 26th via their new label Cleopatra Records. Pre-orders are available now via label’s webstore and Kings Road Merch.

The band partners with to reveal a video for the album’s first new single “1312”. The track is the first from the band to feature their new vocalist David Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said of the track:

“This is a statement very true to our culture, our way of life, 1312 ACAB! We didn’t grow up watching cops walk old ladies across the street, we grew up watching Rodney King get BEAT, not detained and manhandled, Fucking BEAT. If normal citizens must pay the price of the ‘long arm of the law’ they can be held accountable for their actions. Anyone of color can be pulled over for being suspicious? Well we can be suspicious of them! 1312 ACAB. With great power comes great responsibility!”

With Written In Blood, The Casualties have returned fully-loaded with angst and attitude and ready to incite a riot with a non-stop onslaught of unapologetic punk. The record was recorded at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO with Bill Stevenson and Jason Livermore, and features 15 songs that challenge blind societal norms and sociopolitical injustice with the same intense spirit and vigor as when they started nearly 3 decades ago.

Fans can catch the band live on their upcoming North American run with the 2018 Metal Alliance Tour, which also features Goatwhore, Black Tusk, Great American Ghost, Morthereon, and Gozu. Tickets for the tour are on sale now at

Written In Blood track listing:

1. “1312”
2. “Fucking Hate You”
3. “Ashes”
4. “Demolition”
5. “Guard Dogs”
6. “Written In Blood”
7. “Feed Off Fear”
8. “Final Expense”
9. “So Much Hate”
10. “Ya Basta”
11. “All Out War”
12. “Smash”
13. “Lost”
14. “What I Want”
15. “Borders”